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Our Story

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive, integrated, independent planning services designed to create, enhance, and sustain your Wealth, keep you in control of both your Wealth and your physical being, even if incapacitated, for your benefit during your lifetime, as well as creating a Legacy for generations to come.

Our Company

Advanced Wealth Strategies Group was founded in 1989 as an independent, comprehensive financial planning, estate planning and asset management firm serving individuals and businesses.

Because we are an independent firm, we have no obligation to sell proprietary products or services, so we can be openly selective in offering only those investment products and services that we believe are best suited to help meet your financial objectives and goals. This is the objectivity afforded by working with an independent financial consultant. We offer you timely, experienced, conflict-free, unbiased investment advice, and promise to do so with complete transparency and with the highest level of integrity and service.