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Meeting Process

First Contact

After an initial phone conversation, we will send you an information packet to complete and bring with you to your first meeting.

MEETING #1: Cup of Coffee Meeting

During this meeting we will get to know each other and discuss where you currently are financially, where you are heading, and where you would ultimately like to be. We will also answer any questions you have regarding our firm. By meetings end, we will both decide if there is a good fit, and if we should move forward together.

In between the cup of coffee meeting and decision meeting, you receive via mail or email a summary of the meeting and an action item list.

MEETING #2: Decision Meeting

In your second meeting, we will review all the information you have provided and discuss our recommendations for your unique situation, which may include items in the following areas: Tax planning, Estate & Legacy planning, Investment allocation planning, Insurance/risk planning.

After the second meeting, you will receive another summary via mail or email of the meeting and a new action item list for the implementation meeting.

MEETING #3: Implementation Meeting

We will assist you with understanding, and signing all legal documents to implement the agreed upon strategies. At the end of the meeting, we will decide how often each year you would like to be contacted in person or conference call. Regardless of how many times we communicate each year, we always ask that you keep us up to date with what is changing in your economic situation so that we may be proactive in assisting you.

Ongoing Reviews & Financial Independence

When the dust has settled and we have assisted you in making decisions in all financial areas of your life, we constantly have reviews each year and update each other on any changes that need attention.

In corporation terms, you are the CEO, and we hope to attain the CFO position. We play an important role in helping you make the financial decisions necessary for you to say yes or no, and to move forward.